The 7 practical Steps to help ministries launch or revamp their current digital strategy.

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“Your church can no longer go without a digital strategy—the stakes of the gospel are too high.”

– Katie Allred


Written by a group of creators, strategists, ministers, and technology nerds, this amalgamation of professionals are passionate about helping ministry leaders understand how new communication technologies can work to advance the vision of their ministry and the Kingdom at large.

This book is so timely because it stands on the cooperative foundation of technology, communications, marketing, theology, creativity, and church growth – all the elements essential for an effective, encompassing, evangelical, digital strategy.

The ReTHINK.Ministry Book

This 74-page book is perfect for pastors and church communicators. Pastors who are launching a church plant can read through the guide to figure out how to launch their “digital strategy effectively” to a very full plate. Church communicators at established churches can use the guide to create an effective communications strategy that builds on the existing reach of their internal and external marketing efforts.


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You know it, too. That’s why you’re here.

Your solution is this book, ReTHINK.Ministry: The 7 practical Steps to help ministries plant new churches or revamp their current digital strategy.

Step-by-step, in easy to understand language, this book guides you through the analysis and creation of a comprehensive, powerful, digital strategy for your church or ministry.